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Sunday, January 24, 2016
  Fugitive Felon Alexandrea Merrell aka Alexandrea Stewart aka Andrea Delauren aka Vivian Smith is back in NYC
Fugitive Felon Alexandrea Merrell aka Alexandrea Stewart aka Andrea Delauren aka Vivian Smith is back in NYC: scamhunters.blogspot.com

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Friday, August 25, 2006
  Have You Seen "V.A. Macian" aka "Vivian Macian" aka Fugitive Felon Andrea Delauren?
Andrea Delauren aka "V.A. Macian" aka "Alexandrea Delauren" aka "Vivian Macian" aka "Alex Macian" is currently at large in Edinburgh, Scotland. If you have any information as to the whereabouts of this fugitive criminal please contact me at katarii (at) gmail.com.
Thursday, May 18, 2006
  Alexandrea Delauren aka Alexandrea Stewart aka Vivian Smith
In the fall of 2004, 2 years worth of posts regarding Andrea Delauren, then known as "Alexandrea Stewart", and her scam companies were removed by craigslist staff -- either sent to the "isle of misfit threads" or deleted altogether -- in response to legal threats made against them by this con-artist. She wanted to make sure her future victims would remain unaware of her past crimes. She also wanted to prevent her victims from contacting each other and threatened to sue us too. Her aggressive intimidation was effective at the time and only a few victims managed to organize.

Individually we filed formal complaints with the NYS Department of State Division of Licenses, the BBB, the FTC and the New York Police Department. Together we contacted the media and the New York Post wrote about it. All of this is documented in these posts which is why I felt it was so important to make sure they survived.

For a few weeks after their removal from the housing and feedback forums, some were still searchable on craigslist, so I did my best to copy as many as I could to preserve them. I recovered more than 5000 posts from over 1700 threads where she was referenced. Still, there were quite a few that had been deleted before I could save them but I think you can get a good idea of what went on by what's presented here.

I regret that at that time, her aliases were not known to us and we hadn't yet found out about her prior felonies.
If Craig had the legal proof we have now, these posts would still be up on craigslist today. We knew she was a criminal by her actions, but now we've got the records to prove it.
Alexandrea Merrell aka Alexandrea Stewart aka V.A. Macian aka Alexandrea/Andrea Delauren would like the voices of her craigslist scam victims to disappear. She stole our money but she will not steal our right to free speech.



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Uptown Downtown Realty


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The Con-Artist:
Alexandrea Delauren = Alexandrea Stewart = Alexandrea Macian Stewart = Vivian Macian = AllieMac = Allie = Alex = Andrea Delauren

Her Company Names she used on Craigslist:
Practically Rented = PR
Practically Sold
Practically No Fee
Uptown Downtown Realty = UD Realty
Associated Owners
Morgan Rentals
Big Apple Rentals
Smooth Move

Her Handles (when she wasn't anon) used on Craigslist:

She posted anon as AOK, do_unto_others, MaskedAvenger, Masked_Avenger, PR_Customer_Service, among others.

Location: NYC

In 2003, I was looking for an apartment in NYC. Unfortunately I answered an ad placed by a convicted criminal on craigslist. She stole a lot of money from a lot of people incuding myself. I started this blog to warn others after the criminal justice system failed to make her pay for her crimes. She has given me no reason to believe she will ever stop conning unless she is caught. I hope that by sharing this information I can help bring her to justice or at least save a few others from becoming victimized along the way.

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